Evanston Club

A new chapter for a beloved historical property.

Client Type: Club/Hospitality

A local woman’s organization engaged us to create a new Interior Master Plan to update the interior spaces of their 110 year old historic clubhouse located in downtown Evanston. We worked with a committee composed of various members of the Club to create a “road map” for them to update their interior spaces in multiple phases over the next few years. This “road map” will be their guide for selection of palettes, furniture and furnishings so that when the updates are completed, the entire Clubhouse will have a cohesive look. We worked closely with the committee over several months to create the Master Plan and made presentations to the club wide membership at key milestones during the design process. Once the Interior Master Plan was completed, we undertook the first phase of the Interior Master Plan by renovating and expanding their existing Restrooms and Sun Room. We created gender neutral restrooms with individual water closet spaces that allowed the Clubhouse to flex the use of the restroom as dictated by a particular event.

Photography: Cynthia Lynn Photography